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The Legion of Extraordinary Grandmas


Artist's Note:

Man, I love Helen. Think I’m finally going to buy a Watch Dogs game just so I can create my legion of elderly assassins.

Also I am still working! So there MAY NOT be a Thursday comic due to that. But who knows? I may be tempted to make one anyways.


We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!

We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!


Writer's Note:

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Helen the assasin-grandma is 99% of the selling point of Watch Dogs Legion. To think that, not too long ago, Ubisoft was saying it couldn’t include playable female characters in its games because they were “too hard” from an animation standpoint, and now they have a fully mo-capped granny hobbling over police barricades. I look forward to the next Watch Dogs game where you can play as a guy in a wheelchair barreling down the hills of Lisbon as you evade Quasitron Industry’s extraction drones.