Off to a Sick Start this 2015

 Starting off the year 2015 sick in bed... woo...?

Starting off the year 2015 sick in bed... woo...?

I hope you guys had a great 2015 New Year's celebration! Mine was fun... until a wild stomach virus appeared.

We don't know who brought it, but it spread fast! More than half of the gathered family fell ill (myself included), and we all had to deal with it at some level. Unfortunately I was flying back home when the diarrhea, nausea, and feverish heat hit me hard that night before, and left me praying to every deity in existence, porcelain god included. The flight's turbulence was alright, but I found my connecting flight delayed by several hours.

Now if I wasn't ill I'd be all dandy about it, but dealing with this damn virus made hours feel like eternity. Instead of moping I decided to go and finish up the comic strip for Monday to pass the time.

When it was finally time to board, I was seated next to a 'Chatty Charlie.'

She just wouldn't shut up. Oh god. Those two hours were simply nightmarish. I felt every drop in pressure in the cabin, the bathroom was out of order, and she just kept yapping and yapping. So the moment the plane landed I booked it, doing everything I could to get as far away as possible from her. Thankfully the cab ride home was fast, so I quickly showered and dropped dead in bed.

I thought I was over the worst of it, but I was wrong.

The days following were hellish. There were long nights praying to the toilet, massive bouts of discomfort, and I found myself incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks. I was also incredibly unproductive, so I don't know how I got this comic done in time for Thursday. Thankfully these symptoms passed by Saturday, but I'm still recovering from the ordeal. I still can't drink coffee without fearing for my insides, but thankfully, I can safely eat food again! I can't describe how happy I was to be able to eat a properly cooked egg w/ rice. I nearly cried...

So with this in mind, I guess things can only get better from hereon out! At least for me anyways. 

Being sick sucks, but I guess that I learned a lot about myself from it. I become a whiny irritable brat, whose too stubborn to miss the comic deadlines. So I guess the comic will keep on coming! So stay tuned folks.  

And like always, we Update Mondays & Thursday, guaranteed.

-Sarah Yoshi

Posted on January 15, 2015 .