Writer's Note: 

And thus ends the life of Mr. Gaiman.

It is a well known medical fact that poor writing is one of the leading causes of death amongst the literati. By this logic Fifty Shades of Grey is practically bubonic and should be quarantined with appropriately medieval methods. 

I've never read Neil Gaiman's comic books, but have certainly enjoyed the excursions from reality he delivers in both The Graveyard Book and American Gods

Sarah and I have joked that Mr. Gaiman's stories have a distinct tendency towards starring skinny, pale, and dark-haired males (and occasionally females). Sarah suggests that Benedict Cumberbatch ala the BBC's Sherlock reprise all of these roles. After listening to the audio version of The Graveyard  Book , I'm inclined to say Mr. Gaiman's stories would best be served through the medium of animation, with him providing the necessary vocals. 


Artist's Note:  

The Sandman: Overture came out not long ago, and I do have to say, I'm enjoying it thus far. The art is phenomenal, the set-up tickles my curiosity, and of course, the writing is fantastic. As a Sandman fan myself, I have been hungry for the return of Dream and the Endless, and I'm soaking every page like a dehydrated sponge. Let there be no doubt: I am a 100% legit Neil Gaiman fan, and I am excited for the next issue.

-Sarah Yoshi

Posted on November 11, 2013 .