Yes It's Over 9000

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Artist's Note:

Dang. I feel sorta guilty that we always bash Ganondorf somehow. You know he's minding his own business, playing that organ, then KAPOW! I'm sure that organ's one of a kind, too bad huh?

Anyways if you haven't heard, Hyrule Warriors is basically Dynasty Warriors, except you get to play as Link, the Chosen Hero and whatnot. Check out the vid and you shall see what I'm talkin' about:


I'm sure this game trailer made a few LoZ fans groan... I'm not one of them. Why? Because I WANT To BE LINK AND BLAST SHIT DOWN. I don't know why, but something about this game makes me want to play it. Even if he's all powerful, and can knock everything down with his OP moves. But hey, who knows right? It's an already ridiculous concept, so why not accept it for what it is, and focus on what it can potentially be?

Still, I gotta get a Wii U first, and unless I get time to play this, I doubt I'll get the chance. Oh well.

-Sarah Yoshi

Posted on January 26, 2014 .