Artist's Note: 

As a gamer, I've found myself struggling with the issue of Gamergate, and thankfully this strip helped me to figure out my stance on it.

On a positive note, I love drawing Malala! Or rather, I love the fact that I got to draw her in a pumpkin costume. Was it necessary? Well... yes.

Writer’s note:

I learned this week that comics are not an easy medium in which to address things like Gamergate. While Gamergate is not a particularly complex issue, trying to convey the right message and tone in the limited space of a comic strip was extremely difficult, so I don’t think I really got it right. That being said, even though I do believe that the online antagonists have no moral position here, I think the best people can do is either ignore them or treat them with equanimity (even if they don’t deserve it). Anything else would likely make things worse.