When Worlds Collide


Artist's Note:

I played Flappy Bird. Once. On my cousin's phone, because I'd never download such a weirdly... straightforward game. And found something very odd about the game. How does someone spend a whole day playing a game, which is designed to frustrate the living hell out of you for even attempting to navigate thru it? Also, how dense can a bird be, where it can't even fly? It's like it swallowed a bowling which melded with its skeletal structure, so that it looks like a bloated chick trying to fly with its teeny wings. It's adorably ugly.

Since this game has become "too successful," the creator of Flappy Bird is scrapping the game. Apparently too much success is good...? Or it's possible that he doesn't want to fall under scrutiny for some of the components that his game seems to draw influence from. The pipes are pretty much the same as Nintendo's iconic Super Mario Bros' green pipes. The guy defends himself with "I made these myself, so it's my Intellectual Property," but I don't think he understands what an I.P. is.

-Sarah Yoshi

Posted on February 9, 2014 .