If You Can't Beat 'Em, Troll 'Em


Writer's Note:

As an aside, the little hummingbird lawyer character in this strip is named BB Bumbleton (his catchphrase is "No case is too big or too small for BB Bumbleton, attorney at law!"). He usually shows up whenever the comic touches on legal issues.

Having some formal legal training myself I recognize that this comic doesn't accurately portray the Hobby Lobby decision, as we're employing a lot of artistic license here, though frankly the opinion wasn't very well written so its interpretation will likely vary significantly even among experts.   



Artist's Note:

There's something disturbing about the decision made for the Hobby Lobby case. The fact that a for-profit business can impose it's owners' religious beliefs on their employees is asinine. You might as well tell your potential employees that you only hire Christians, Catholics, and other religious folk who don't believe in the use of contraceptives. Then we have a discrimination case on our hands! Or is that already the case?

Posted on July 2, 2014 .