Negative Trolling



Artist's Note:

I'm loving the rising support for the HeForShe campaign. Emma Watson has done a fantastic job in maneuvering around the "man-hating" tone that anti-feminists always latch on to, instead making this an issue that affects everyone. I want this to be real and change what is "normal" in the best way possible.


Writer’s Note:

Kind of a rush job on the writing for this  comic. I wasn't able to get the tone right for the faceless heckler, and after reading through the comic again, I think my word economy could have been a lot better since some of the lines don't read naturally. 

Still the message is on point, so there's not much more to say here, other than the fact that I hope the online threats are nothing more than a bluff. Having studied international human rights law for a time, I’m keen to see the practical details of this new UN campaign.


Posted on September 25, 2014 .