It Hits the Fan

Artist's Note:

This comic is... let's just say, quite extraordinary. As in, this can only be made if there is no interesting news to make comics from.

Also, making GIFs is hard work, but at least it came out great! Yay~

Anyways, down below is what the GIF looks like without that box of text. Have to say this was frustratingly fun to figure out. 

Writer's Note:

As Sarah noted, this is one of those weird-ass comics we make when nothing in the news really jumps out at us.

The real payoff in the comic is the gif image in panel 3. Sarah worked a lot on it, and I really like it, and personally plan on incorporating it into my SMS arsenal of reaction gifs. 

We've included a text-free copy of the gif below. Please feel free to use it to express your horror to all your friends and loved ones :) 



Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under WTF.