It Still Matters

Artist's Note:

We be referencing this: 

As for the news about Cloud in Super Smash...why Cloud? Why? I, I don't get it.

Writer's Note:

So Cloud is coming to Smash 4, which is pretty cool. Yes, Sarah and I were kinda hoping for a more distinctive character like Shovel Knight or Banjo & Kazooie instead, but hey - can't really complain about the sheer amount of content they are packing into this game. 

We've actually made a joke about the size of Kirby's Final Smash sword over a year ago, though at the time it was Cloud who was the butt of the joke. At the time we thought we were being clever doing a Smash-Final Fantasy crossover comic and certainly did not expect Square to allow their characters to be a part of the Smash franchise. Stranger than fiction indeed.