A League Of Their Bone

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Artist's Note:

As most of my friends know: I've been dying to do Undertale fanart. So with the recent news of Undertale being snuffed by Rocket League at the Video Game Awards, we made a comic! 

This was definitely a fun comic to make, since Undyne is just so goddamn passionate about doing awesome things. But, we do apologize for using the papyrus font for Papyrus... it just didn't feel right using the usual comic font for him. 

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Writer's Note:

If you're wondering whether Undertale was robbed at last week's Video Game Awards, then the only appropriate answer is this: who gives a shit? 

Sarah and I are huge Undertale fans, but that doesn't mean Rocket League is any less fun. In fact, it looks pretty incredible, and I say that as someone who could care less about most sports games. In general, this year has been an extremely good one for gamers, maybe even too good - just imagine how many hours of gamers' lives have been devoured by Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

The only real thing I took away from the Video Game Awards was yet another confirmation that Konami is indeed the worst video game company of the modern era, though after Activision's recent purchase of King, the makers of Candy Crush, Konami might have some serious competition next year...