My Brother's Keeper

Artist's Note:

Facebook's "Legacy Contact" is... well, a mixed bag. I'm certain that many users are intrigued by the idea of being immortalized in some way, shape or form. Having someone take care of your account is... comforting I guess? On the other hand, someone is going to have to send Facebook "proof" of your death. You know, like a death certificate, disturbing photo evidence, maybe an invitation to your funeral.

Just let that sink in for a moment...

I understand that some folks are concerned about their accounts being secured, but there's something unfortunate about having to "prove" that you're dead in order to memorialize your profile. Or delete it for the matter.

So yes, thanks but no thanks Facebook.

Writer's Note:

I never would've guessed we'd end up making a comic with Jesus in it, but there you go...

Also this isn't the first comic we've done on some of Facebook's more novel features. I expect we'll probably do a few more, at least until Facebook goes the way of Myspace.

Posted on February 16, 2015 .