Let It Go (Fangirl) Pt. 2

Artist's Note:

You might not have noticed, but there was an eating marathon going on throughout this 2 part comic strip.

Now...if I could eat like that without any consequence to my hips, I'd be recklessly inhaling everything I see. And then be in a food coma for a week. 

Writer's Note:

Sarah's been talking about Kingdom Hearts for some time. A very long time actually. I think the original game came out when I was in middle school or something. It kind of blows me away that it's been over a decade later and they're still working on the third game. In the intervening time period Disney has acquired a shitload of HUGE intellectual properties (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars).

Can your mind even handle a game where Elsa, Mr. Incredible, or Luke Skywalker could be in your party? I don't think so.    

Posted on February 2, 2015 .