Artist's Note:

When I was a wee child, lots of video games scared me. Not Super Mario RPG. This game was fun, the story was fantastic, and I loved how charming the characters were, especially Mallow. Mallow was fav, my adorable fluffy magical cloud buddy.

I mean just look at him. Look at him GOD DAMMIT. HE'S HELLAH ADORBS. Why haven't you cashed in on this Nintendo?! Why?! #Mallow4Lyfe!!

Writer's Note:

So Nintendo has gone public with an "apology" for their artificial scarcity marketing ploy. It's easily one of the most smug and patronizing pieces of PR I've read in a while, so I don't expect them to stop using this tactic anytime soon.

And yet...even I would make a few bids on Ebay if they were to release a Mallow or Geno Amiibo. Such is the sad state of being a loyal fan of their bullshit.   

Posted on May 7, 2015 and filed under Video Games, WTF.