Super Siri'al

Artist's Note:

I've never used Siri before. I just tried it the other day, and I am utterly terrified to ask it the weather. 

...there is something beyond horrifying about the idea of something knowing my ENTIRE LIFE. Yet I have a smartphone. Geezus.

Writer's Note:

Somehow, in the world of consumer technology, convenience and privacy have become inversely related. And I'm not sure it'll ever go back.

Also, thanks to some last-minute line changes, I made a hideous typo in the text of the second panel. Admittedly there's quite a lot of text to sift through, but one sentence is clearly in dire need of an additional "you".

See if you can spot my mistake -_-

Yoshi note: Fixed the typo! So stop searching. ^v^

Posted on September 24, 2015 and filed under Tech Stuff, Slice-of-Life, WTF.