Final(ly) Fabulous

Artist's Note:

While I'm honestly baffled by this... recent development, I'm not against the idea of digital models becoming a thing. So go strut your stuff Lightning!

Writer's Note:

So...bit of a mea culpa here. This comic was born from desperation. Nothing in the news seemed that funny this week - we did try to come up with a joke about the Occulus Rift, but it didn't work, and we really didn't want to do a comic related the deaths of famous British, we've gone back to making fun of Lightning, which is something we've been doing for quite a long time.

But seriously, I fully endorse the use of fake, digital people as fashion models instead of real human beings, the idea being that people will be less prone to having body image problems if they know that the models they are seeing don't actually have bodies.   

Posted on January 18, 2016 and filed under Current Events, Video Games, Pop Culture.