Artist's Note:

This is actually a super cute concept, and I would totally play it (if it somehow has a U.S. release (...may happen, may not happen)). But I have one problem with it.

That mouth. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MOUTH?! The moment I saw this video I found myself utterly mortified as Pikachu's mouth just moved in ways that seemed utterly unnatural. At least to me.

Writer's Note:

What did you expect? That he'd be Benedict Cumberbatch? Please. This is a Japanese game studio, and they are going to use Japanese detective tropes, which means Pikachu is going to be saying a lot of corny lines about truth and justice. If you've played any of the Ace Attorney games you probably have a good sense of what's to come. 

So anyway, I realize we've been a bit Pokemon-heavy for the past few comics. Can't really help it - Nintendo is doing a full PR blitz this year due to the game's 20th anniversary, so expect more Pokemon comics from us as Nintendo continues to roll out their growing lineup of games, which is turning out to be pretty extensive: next month we have both Pokken and Detective Pikachu coming out, and sometime later this year their augmented reality game Pokemon Go will be out as well. Rumor also has it that the next game in the main series will also be announced this year. If Nintendo can pull that off before the end of 2016, Pokemon fans will be in for a terrific year... least until Nintendo buys out the Yokai Watch franchise ;) 

Posted on February 1, 2016 and filed under Video Games, Neeeeeeeeerd Stuffs~.