Artist's Note:

U-Um, if anyone would like to help me acquire a HTC Vive, and some equipment to make it work, I'd totally try to draw in 3D. I wanna do it so bad, but it's like, super duper way out of my budget so I can't do it myself. :c Wahhhhh...

Writer's Note:

There's been plenty of commentary about the pros and cons of each of the major VR headsets, but price remains the Achilles heel for all three, even the Playstation VR. The technology clearly holds tons of promise, but the benefits are moot until the economic barriers to entry are lower, which interestingly suggests there's a better case for VR developing faster in places like China compared to here in the US. For now, my money's on VR proliferating via smartphone systems like the Gear VR, Google's Daydream, and whatever system Apple adopts out years from now for the iPhone, as opposed to anything HTC, Sony, or Occulus/Facebook can provide.