You Say Hello...

Artist's Note:

I could fix panel 2 by replacing Kukui w/ Hala, but I'm too busy enjoying my Pokemon adventure with my grassy birb baby. Also I'm sick, which gives me the excuse to play video games in bed, aw yeeeeeah~ 

While working on this strip, panel 3 made me crave for malasadas (cinnamon to be exact). They are delightfully delicious, when they're freshly made. Let them cool off and they become bricks of greasy sugar lumps. Delicious lumps. But it ain't the same when they're stale. :P

Anywho I'm going to continue venturing about in Alola. Then we'll be back w/ more Pokemon strips, yeah!

Writer's Note:

Poor Hau. He failed to recognize that she was actually Chara all along... 

So we started making this comic before the game came out last Friday, which led us to get a few details wrong here, like Kukui being the one who gives the player their starter Pokemon (he's not) or malasadas being sold out of a food truck (they aren't). But now both Sarah and I each have a copy of the game, so expect more accurate Sun & Moon content to come. We try not to just do comics about Pokemon, but the game takes place in such a funny little world that it's almost too easy to make jokes about it.

Posted on November 21, 2016 and filed under Video Games, WTF.