Lord of the Abyss

Artist's Note:

I'm an avid D&D player. So yes, I really enjoyed creating this whacky-as-fuck comic! ^<^

Writer's Note:

So Buttlord is a D&D character Sarah and I came up with as an attempt to make a more interesting boss character than the usual necromancer or elder god. What he lacks in power he makes up with sheer unpleasantness. I mean, you could probably beat him if you wanted to, but...would you want to actually fight him? He's basically the colonoscopy of boss characters.  

Also I apologize for the super clunky writing. After reading it again I realized the DM narrator sounds very unnatural (just look at those unnecessary adjectives). Admittedly I don't play D&D and am thus pretty unfamiliar with how DM's are supposed to sound like. In our previous D&D comics we just focused on the players at the game table, so this wasn't a problem, but in today's comic we had to go back and forth between the table and the game world repeatedly. I'll do better next time. 

Posted on December 5, 2016 and filed under Neeeeeeeeerd Stuffs~.