Dark Diversions

Artist's Note:

I'm currently playing Darkest Dungeon, and have found myself entertained by the way my adventurers' destress. I mean yes, a good night at the bar, and a nice round of flagellation will do just the trick! After all, they have to suppress the horrors they've seen...

But seriously, this game is fantastic. I love the art direction, the way it plays and how you are just PUNISHED when you don't plan things well enough. I had a total party kill, which left me penniless and unable to even provide the next round of adventurers' the necessary supplies to venture further. Yeech!


Writer's Note:

Darkest Dungeon is a great game, and, like Undertale, I'm really impressed at the quality given its tiny, indie development team. While I could talk about the mechanics (and the artwork - which Sarah loves), my favorite part is the narrator, who really adds a lot to the game's atmosphere and character. The only game I think that could compare in terms of narrator quality is the guy from Bastion (which is also an awesome game). Apparently the guy who does the narration for Darkest Dungeon - Wayne June - also does audiobooks, specifically Lovecraft-ean horro audiobooks, which is just...too perfect. 

Posted on February 15, 2016 and filed under Video Games.