Artist's Note:

Could people be offended by this strip?


Writer's Note:

Guess what? It's a buffer-comic! Which is to say that this is a comic we made a while ago just in case we didn't have enough time during the week. Sarah wanted to use it sooner than later since she keeps tweaking her art style, so if we published it too late it might look out of date. In any case, we've already started working on Monday's comic, and it's much more topical, as opposed to slice-of-life. 

And speaking of slice-of-life, while this comic just makes fun of the modern phenomenon of PC-driven neuroticism, the idea for it actually came directly from real life (minus the eye-stabbing part). Easiest script ever. Well...almost as easy as writing the script for Undertaco.   

Posted on March 3, 2016 and filed under Cultural, Slice-of-Life.