Automatically Better

Artist's Note:

I... don't understand Windows 10. I'm really confused by it. I can't figure out all my settings, and it's just, dammit I'm getting frustrated by it. My Surface has gotten "better" because of it, but darn it, there are just some things I can't seem to access at all.

Then again, I rarely use my Surface now for work. Thank goodness. I'd be in a pickle if I had to you know, do everything on that tiny tablet-of-a-computer.

Writer's Note:

(God damn you daylight savings...I love you in fall, but hate you in spring! So sleepy...)

I don't use Windows (yet), but have heard enough bitching from PC users about Microsoft pushing Windows 10 really freaking hard this year, to the point that some, like Sarah, just woke up one day to find their computer had updated itself overnight. That's a pretty dick move, and I say that as a Mac user who is forced to ride Apple's relentless upgrade cycle. Despite the reported speed improvements to Windows 10, I'm sure there is a lot of people struggling to get important 3rd party software running on their newly-updated Windows 10 machines. I was actually considering getting a Windows PC later this year, but after this...maybe I'll consider Linux instead. 

Posted on March 14, 2016 and filed under Current Events, Tech Stuff.