Shink Shink Shink

Artist's Note:

This is a big comic. As in, it's SO big, that I had to bargain w/ the program in order to extend the canvas to a certain point. Once I tried to go beyond said point, it would automatically crop off portions of the strip.

I also dealt with problems animators would have if they didn't use references when they create their walk cycles. Things began to warp, limbs would elongate, and features once notable became... well, weird. This sort of thing happens when you go back and forth on the panels.

So yes, despite the "simplicity" of this comic, it took A LOT of work. @__@

Writer's Note:

So, full disclosure, this is yet another buffer comic - something we made in advance in case Sarah or I had to travel or something. For this reason the comic was non-topical, but it was also an attempt at making a comic with as little spoken lines as possible, kind of a change-up from our usual text-heavy comics. It's something I'd like us to do more in the future, and not just because it requires me to write less (though that is undeniably a perk). You might recall something similar with our past comic "Multitaskmaster". It shares a lot of qualities with today's comic in terms of the progresso ad absurdum structure (which is a fake term that I just made up), though for Sarah's sake I'll try to keep these kinds of jokes a bit shorter. 

Posted on March 21, 2016 and filed under Slice-of-Life, WTF.