The Bingularity

Artist's Note:

Yeah... I'm seriously baffled by Microsoft's decision to release the Tay AI on Twitter. I mean, what did they expect? 

Writer's Note:

Another way we considered doing this comic was to reveal that Donald Trump was just a prototype of Tay-bot who, after absorbing enough hate speech online, had achieved sentience and decided to run for president...but that may have been a bit too much.  

Also, there isn't actually a G-bot. As far as I know, Google is actually pulling back on its investments in robotics, though its forays into AI continue unabated. It's a field that I don't know much about, even though professionally I probably should. A lot of folks I know are dumping impressive amounts of cash into AI ventures, but for me, it still doesn't add up. I've had people explain to me their take on the potential of things (buzzwords?) like machine learning and neural networks, but it still doesn't seem sufficient to create a working model of general intelligence (which is yet another concept that I don't really understand).

But hey - I'm just a noob. Hopefully our new AI overlords will have enough programmed humor to tolerate silly comics like this one.  

Posted on March 28, 2016 and filed under Current Events, Tech Stuff.