Artist's Note:

This is based on actual experience. Okay maybe no super awesome Corgi Comrade jumping me, but everything else is accurate. 

I naively volunteered to feed & walk my friends' dog (fed the cat too). Major (an adorable 2-year old Husky) was very well-behaved, though I was yanked about every so often. Everything was going great until he stopped, trotted in circles, and then proceeded to squat.

Oh gawd. The poop. So much poop. It expelled from the dog's behind like warm soft-serve machine, and it just wouldn't stop... 

Writer's Note:

Had a tough time finding current news to make comics about, so we resorted to another non-topical, slice-of-life style comic.

And speaking of which, now that the weather has started to warm up, the amount of dog poop on the sidewalks has increased exponentially (...at least I hope it's dog poop). The area outside of my apartment is becoming a kind of obstacle course. While some folks advocate for increased penalties on dogwalkers who don't pick up after their pets, given human nature, I think at this point our best hope is for an outdoor Roomba-style robot that just roams our streets sucking up dog poop.   

Posted on April 25, 2016 and filed under Slice-of-Life.