Artist's Note:

I've been playing with this app, and some of the questions can get pretty personal. I must say though, my Mii is adorable, and they sound like a squeak toy. I just wish there was more to do on it, though I do enjoy hearing these adorable avatars swear audibly on the app.

Oh Nintendo, thank you~

Writer's Note:

Apologies for the sloppy writing in this comic (especially on panel 5) - I was a bit busier than normal this week with work, so hopefully next week's comic will be a bit more polished in terms of prose. 

Between the two of us, only Sarah has actually started playing with the Miitomo app. From what she's told me, it seems like the perfect application for internet shit-posting, and for that I must applaud Nintendo, for in my mind, it is the noblest of callings.  

Posted on April 7, 2016 and filed under Video Games.