What Would Gary Oak Do?

Artist's Note:

Pokemon GO has been if anything, a fantastic way for me to go out, socialize and exercise. I think I walked about 25 miles thus far since its launch in the U.S..

Unfortunately, I've become one of the many nerds who are suffering from leg fatigue. Who knew that running about catching Pokemon could be so physically demanding? 

Also: I created an RSS Feed button for Berds & Nerds! Hope this helps anyone who uses RSS on a regular basis.

Writer's Note:

Don't worry - Wigglytuff has a rubbery body, so the only lasting damage it should sustain will be purely emotional ;)

Also...have you ever wondered what happened to Gary Oak? Given he was riding around in a car full of his personal cheerleading squad at 10-years old, it's kind of frightening to imagine him as an adult. 

And, while the exercise benefits that Sarah talks about are definitely a perk, my favorite part about Pokemon Go has got to be the social activity its fostered amongst its players. In an age where so much focus is put on online bickering and balkanization, it's nice to see something pop up with such widespread and positive support. I really hope that the current popularity of Pokemon Go isn't just some flash in the pan, and is instead a harbinger for the benefits AR games can offer.