Muk Bangin'

Artist's Note:

"Muk-bang" is a phenomenon that's been taking place in South Korea for some time now. I remember stumbling upon it awhile back, baffled, if not intrigued, by the very notion of watching someone eat online.

Then again, there are TV shows that are ALL ABOUT watching people eat food. Heck, Anthony Bourdain's career caters to an audience that enjoys watching him travel to far off locations, to eat the food there.

So perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that Twitch is now allowing folks to stream themselves eating. It is...progress?

Writer's Note:

I wonder...did she like, convert her bathroom into a living room space, or did she install a toilet in the middle of her bedroom? 

In any case, I think Muk-bang is pretty silly, but honestly, if you hang out on the internet long enough, it isn't really that weird

Also I hope we didn't offend anyone by combining a Korean term with the Japanese "-chan" moniker. Sadly, while I can manage some Japanese thanks to studying it in college, I'm utterly hopeless with the Korean language despite taking a weekly night school class on it years ago.  

Posted on July 7, 2016 and filed under The Internet, Cultural.