The F-Word

Artist's Note:

The word 'Family' is thrown about a lot in the Fast and Furious movies. I mean that's what the series is about... besides hot cars and ridiculous amounts of action of course.

As you can tell, this comic was done Fast & Furiously. Also trying to draw bald people was SUPER annoying. God. Why can't they wear hats, or have super interesting facial hair to differentiate themselves?!

Anyways, to the next comic!!

Writer's Note:

So bit of a mea culpa on this comic. The joke about how many times they used the word "Family" in the latest Fast and Furious trailer sounded better when Sarah and I were acting it out over the phone, but when put into visual form it falls a bit flat. And as Sarah already pointed's also visually boring since the main characters are all buff dudes with bald heads and varying degrees of facial hair.   

So in any case, lesson learned. We already have a much sillier and more visually interesting idea for Monday's comic.