Journey to the South, Part 2

Artist's Note:

Ice can be very difficult to pull off. There is a lot of ice in the South Pole. So I will happily draw a warm bar dressed in dark woods, in what appears to be an igloo icicle bar.


Writer's Note:

While I really enjoy Sarah's penguin art, I'm much less proud of the script for "Journey to the South". I wrote it over 2 years ago, and it really shows its age with these cheap Sunday comics level of jokes. For better or worse, there are still two more parts to this comic, and while I hope they'll be decent, I'm already looking forward to moving on. It's not that I have anything against doing multi-part comics, but next time we do one (which will probably be for Halloween), I'll make sure it has a higher payoff. 

Posted on October 2, 2017 and filed under Slice-of-Life.