All Hallowed Weens, Part 3


Artist's Note:

And thus the cycle continues. Poor Locke won't win in this situation, ever.

Also, I'm going to retire my wrists, shoulder, and eyeballs now. Oh dear god, this was a lot more work than anticipated. 


Writer's Note:

So yes, the moral of the story is that the only thing that can check the seemingly unstoppable growth of pumpkin-spice mania is the immovable object that is Christmas. It's basically the Cold War of seasonal capitalist bullshit, and even knowing this we still kind of love it.   

Also I think this comic almost killed Sarah. The time-dilation effect of action sequences really jacks up the number of panels. Definitely a lesson to remember. 

And for added color on this whole sequence of comics, Locke did indeed carry all of his summoning materials in that little satchel bag he leaves the house with in Part 2, showing he was already anticipating the worst, and Lark did indeed consume all the seasonal items that were thrown into the garbage in Part 1, including the inedible gourds, which led her to transforming into her "Ween Harvester" form, complete with that little flying pumpkin platform (which may or may not resemble Bowser's clown car).   

Posted on November 2, 2017 and filed under Cultural, Slice-of-Life, WTF.