Artist's Note:

Considering the fact that these kids are literally raised in that environment, you can't blame them for their technocapitalism.


Writer's Note:

Having spent some time working in Palo Alto, I can attest that these sorts of precocious kids do exist. And it's not really that bad. Kids are just sponges for the world around them. I've gotten similar vibes walking around the National Gallery in London and seeing a small child recite a neverending stream of facts to his mother about the artistic origins and style of each painting they passed. The existential anxiety I feel is always momentary. One day these kids are gonna grow up and replace us, and when they do it isn't even gonna be a competition. But I digress...

Also, in yet another violation of our rule against establishing any kind of recurring canon, Lark having sentient bird hair is now a thing, and we're okay with that because it's very silly and that's all we really care about.