Switched Off

Artist's Note:

I associate a lot with this pilot. In fact, this comic is inspired by the very frustrations I have with the limited number of Nintendo Switches available. Because of this, Sozo has had to listen to me complaining. A lot.

Thus this comic came to be!

Writer's Note:

*postscript fanfic*

The pilot, feeling that justice was served, switched off the PA and leaned back in his seat with a satisfied smile.

"Heh, I sure showed her!" 

Hearing no response, he turned his head to face his co-pilot, only to find the man holding up a brand new Nintendo Switch. 

"Johnson! You got one? When?" 

"Gary, I didn't wanna surprise you until after takeoff. But hey - happy belated birthday man."

Co-pilot Johnson gingerly placed the Switch into pilot Gary's trembling hands, not daring to look him in the eyes. He didn't want to see a grown man cry.

"Johnson...this is...absolutely the best birthday present I have ever received. I have waited so, so long to play the new Zelda."

As soon as he uttered the word "Zelda", Johnson froze up. Despite the tears in his eyes, Gary's vision remained sharp, and he immediately noticed the subtle shift.

"Johnson...you did get a copy of Zelda to go with this, right?"

Johnson averted his gaze. 

"...I only bought 1-2 Switch." 


Posted on March 23, 2017 and filed under Slice-of-Life, Video Games, WTF.