The Let's Player Life Cycle

Artist's Note:

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On a side note, I'm not happy with this comic. The writing is good, but the art feels sub par. I'll do my best to make up for this with the next comic.

So, onward to Monday.

Writer's Note:

While the Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo press conferences were actually pretty tame, you could really tell the other major developers were pushing the role of social media "influencers" in their presentations this year. And, as usual, they managed to do it in the most cringeworthy way possible, for it is their way. Only a group of middle-aged studio executives could have come to the consensus that a "Creator Cave" was a good idea (please, just stop it EA). And while I'm sure many of the Twitch and Youtube "influencers" they paid are totally fine and upstanding individuals, it's difficult to stop the psychological corruption process once enough money gets involved. But from my current vantage, I can't see a way to stop it. Patreon alone can't save all content creators.

Posted on June 15, 2017 and filed under Cultural, Video Games, WTF.