Artist's Note:

I have had friends who worked for and at Telltale. I have friends who found out that Friday that they were being let go, with no severance pay and healthcare coverage. They were left to scrounge for themselves in confusion, while the higher ups at Telltale attempt to save the lasting “legacy” they had.

I have no love for Telltale.

Let it rot, and wither like a husk.

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Writer's Note:

While more attention has been focused on the managerial practices that led to Telltale’s demise, you really have to wonder if the disconnect between their popularity and profitability was at least in part excacerbated by Let’s Plays and streaming. While I think most games unambiguously benefit from the exposure and interest-building Let’s Plays generate, I’d wager there’s a sizable audience who gets greater enjoyment from watching an entertaining person play a Telltale game than playing it themselves. It’s definitely not something game studios should fight however - I don’t think there’s any going back on the strange meta-media landscape we find ourselves in of people being entertained by watching other people be entertained.