A Healthy Economy


Artist's Note:

Hey guys, so I recently started up a Ko-fi for Berds & Nerds! I'm still new to it, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out how it works. However, I've been meaning to start this up since folks have been inquiring about sending donations to us. Just click below! 


Writer's Note:

Job satisfaction surveys show that even though specialist physicians continue to command ever-higher salaries, their job satisfaction rates are going in the opposite direction. Our healthcare system might be a hyper-capitalist monstrosity, but it sure takes a more socialist approach to distributing dissatisfaction and misery.


Also…Lark’s line on panel 2 is so clunky that it physically hurts to read it. I’d like to blame my current state of mega jet-lag for it, but sloppy writing is just sloppy writing. I’ll aim to keep things tighter next time.