It's News to Me


Artist's Note:

Incredibles 2 was a fantastic movie by the way! I would like to see it again. But the past few weeks have been deeply troubling. 

Hey guys, so I recently started up a Ko-fi for Berds & Nerds! I'm still new to it, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out how it works. However, I've been meaning to start this up since folks have been inquiring about sending donations to us. Just click below! 


Writer's Note:

Sometimes I wonder if it's even possible to make jokes in the current political climate. Comedic exaggeration is difficult (or at least it is for us) given how surreal and absurd many of the actual events are, while making light of dire situations feels irresponsible. And so basically we're left with making shallow observational jokes about our big dumb president and the deranged hyperreality he both exudes and consumes.