Artist's Note:

Oh boy, maybe this is too soon?

Hey guys, so I recently started up a Ko-fi for Berds & Nerds! I'm still new to it, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out how it works. However, I've been meaning to start this up since folks have been inquiring about sending donations to us. Just click below! 


Writer's Note:

Is this the darkest comic we've ever made? No, it's probably this one, but it ain't far off.

It's also kind of funny that in 2018 we have both Peter Parker (from Avengers/Spiderman) and Atreus (from God of War) playing the role of the earnest-good-boy-who-gets-shit-on trope, with each resonating with a significant portion of their pop culture fanbase. Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe there's something else going on in the zeitgeist.