John Jacob Jingleheimer Wick


Artist's Note:

He just needs one good reason for all hell to break loose.

While this comic is pretty silly, I am disappointed in myself with parts of the execution of it. In particular the last panel. The payoff does not feel worth it.

But hey, another day, another comic strip. Gotta try again.


Writer's Note:

Oh gawd - the clunky writing in panel 1. Definitely tried to force a bit too much setup in those text balloons. It’s an old habit so I’ll take it as a reminder for future comics.

Also, I think I’ve been on a dumb movie kick lately. “Aquaman” was an incredibly stupid movie but I still found it very enjoyable; same goes for the John Wick movies (the worldbuilding in the second movie is incredibly silly). Maybe I’ve finally succumbed to internet brain poisoning but either way I’m definitely going to see the third film.