Apex Creditor


Artist's Note:

Man, I can’t wait to have more of my money siphoned away for that vital consumer content!


Writer's Note:

My initial reaction to the complaints about the Epic Store’s exclusive game deals was that it was just the usual whining from gamers. I’ve always been irritated by the dominance of Steam, so I figured any competition would be welcome, but upon further reflection it looks to be only beneficial for developers (via the more attractive fee structure). But for consumers? It’s just more hassle (made worse by Epic’s store being kinda shit). You see the same thing happen with the growth of new streaming services. Disney right now is entering the streaming video market, so it has already arranged to take its content off of Netflix and moving it onto its own service. This new competition will almost certainly be good for showrunners, but for consumers…it’s just another inconvenience. Another utility bill. Another reminder of where power has shifted in this increasingly lopsided market.