Death of the Wild


Artist's Note:

You know, I wasn’t really a fan of the MGS games. However, Death Stranding sounds nuts and I’m intrigued by the bizarre nature of this weird game.

We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!

We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!


Writer's Note:

Another weakness of this analogy is that, at least judging by the trailer, Sam’s main melee weapon is a suitcase, though to be fair it isn’t just any suitcase: it’s the Master Suitcase.

While a part of me hopes that the fan theory ends up being true - that the entire “Death Stranding trailer is an elaborate ruse to hide the fact that the real game we’re getting is Silent Hill - I’m 100% down with a BOTW-style adventure game from Kojima. Phantom Pain had a really fun physics engine so there will likely be plenty of room for shenanigans in Deaths Standing, on top of the batshit crazy plot.

So, until November…