How Zelda Got Her Groove Back


Artist's Note:

This game is good, and fun, and I don’t want the music to stop! Especially the battle music! So in a way you’re incentivized to not kill the last enemy, especially if you wanna keep bopping your head to the sick beat.

And hey it’s been awhile since I’ve inked a comic here! So it feels really nice to cozy up to the digital inks. Hope y’all like how today’s strip looks. I certainly do!

Also I am still working! We won’t have a comic this Thursday sadly, due to the nature of the work I’m managing at my end.


We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!

We got a podcast! Click here to listen in!


Writer's Note:

This is the real reason why they don’t let Zelda out of the castle: the body count would be just too damn high.

Also….psycho Zelda might be one of our favorite unintentionally-recurring characters. She popped up in a comic we made for Breath of the Wild not too long ago.