The Archive

  1. Advanced Trolling (Those Hipster Jeans)
  2. All the Cookies (Giving Blood)
  3. All Too Easy (Bane Impersonations)
  4. Laser Hair (Slice-of-Life)
  5. Info Dump - a LoZ strip
  6. Class Change
  7. Doctor Who?!
  8. Twitter Bird
  9. Infinite Possibilities
  10. Overdose
  11. Sculpted
  12. The Freshness
  13. The Doppleganger
  14.  The Secret Sauce
  15.  The Bromancification
  16.  Blatant Advertising
  17.  Patriarchy
  18.  A Bit Rape-y
  19.  If Peach Can Do It...
  20.  Destructive Criticism
  21.  Dat Emblem
  22.  Model Citizen
  23.   Dreaming of San Diego
  24.  Too Soon
  25.  Ode to Adobe
  26.  Awakenings
  27.  Carpe Everything
  28.  Easy Breezy Beautiful Wonder Girl
  29.  Twerk It!
  30.  B.B. Bumbleton
  31.  The Next Frontier
  32.  PokePolitics
  33.  The Future is French
  34.  Super Defective
  35.  Buyer's Remorse
  36.  Due Process
  37.  Never Bring a Pokemon to a Gunfight
  38.  Patience is a Virtue
  39.  Apotheosis
  40.  Foreplay-station/Playstation 4
  41.  Transitions
  42.  Bowser No Can Haz
  43.  Pokenomics
  44.  Better Than Fiction
  45.  Indiana Solo
  46.  Wishful Thinking
  47.  They Want to Catch 'Em All
  48.  The Return
  49.  Avatarded
  50.  The Singularity
  51. Dedication
  52. Always Be Closing
  53. Seasonal
  54. Hubrisectomy
  55. Modern Medicine
  56. Smart Living
  57. The Disturbingly Uncanny XXX-Men Issue 1
  58. Safe Travels
  59. Yes It's Over 9000
  60. Post Consumerism
  61.  A Pants-Warming Tale (Frozen)
  62.  Au Naturelle
  63.  When Worlds Collide (Flappy Bird)
  64.  The Anti-Chill Pill (Flappy Bird)
  65.  Authoritative (Harry Potter)
  66.  Enough is Enough
  67.  The Silent Paradox
  68.  Metaphorically Speaking
  69.  Immersification
  70.  On the Prowl (Bravely Default)
  71.  Professionalism
  72.  Break Up, Breakdown (Titanfall)
  73.  Franchising
  74.  Healthcarefree
  75.  The Nightowl
  76.  Some Local Flavor
  77.  Lonely at the Top
  78.  Healthcareless
  79.  The Wolf Who Cried Winter
  80.  Sweetcheeks (Pokemon)
  81.  Cult of Personality (Stephen Colbert)
  82. The Wager
  83.  Nearby Frenemies (Facebook)
  84.  Super-Munchers (Kirby)
  85.   Head East Young President
  86.  Yes It Does Matter
  87.  Advanced Yoga
  88. Deep Pockets
  89. The Afteryears
  90.  Artist vs Writer: Round One
  91.  Artist vs Writer: Round Two
  92.  Oh So That's How It Works
  93.  The Coming (and Going) of Age
  94.  The Disturbingly Uncanny XXX-Men Issue 2
  95. Driven (Google Car)
  96.  Unhackable
  97.  Haute Cuisine (Pokemon)
  98.  Rated "M" for Man-Child
  99.  The Root of All Evil (LoZ)
  100.  Living Responsibly
  101.  Air Supremacy (Pokemon)
  102.  Life in the Fast Lane (The Flash)
  103.  If Looks Could Kill
  104.  If You Can't Beat 'Em, Troll 'Em
  105. A Game of Scones (George R.R. Martin)
  106.  Girls Do It Better
  107.  Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (Pokemon)
  108.  Romance in the 21st Century
  109.  Comic Conservatism
  110.   The Winds of Freedom
  111.  The Smutocalypse (50 Shades)
  112.  Over The Toph - Part One
  113.  Over The Toph - Part Two
  114.  Eat Fresh (Disney)
  115.  Art Hacks
  116.  A Profitable Franchise (Pokemon)
  117.  Copycat
  118.  The (Over)sharing Economy
  119.  Read With Caution
  120.  Ice Bucket Challenged
  121.  Summertime in Tokyo
  122.  Twittered Out
  123.  Sin-ovation (Apple)
  124.  iWATCH YOU
  125.  Off Your High Horse
  126.  Travel Light
  127.  It's a Low Bar (FFXV)
  128.  Negative Trolling (#HeForShe)
  129.  Dat Screen
  130.  The Other Benefits of Yoga
  131.  Cutting Corners
  132.  Lovely Lycra Lumps
  133.  Mac Attack (Super Smash Bro.)
  134.  Work & Play in the 21st Century
  135.  Soaring (Pokemon)
  136.  Apologies to the Razr (Apple)
  137.  The Old One Two
  138.  The Gourdening
  139.  Lamergate
  140.  Dodge Troll
  141.  Earth Shattering (LoZ)
  142.  Thick-Skinned
  143.  Dat Bandwidth
  144.  Back to Basics
  145.  Why We Starve
  146.  A Time Honored Tradition (Nintendo)
  147.  Trilogistics
  148.  Love is a Battlefield (Pokemon)
  149.  They Say It's Good For Your Core
  150. Horsepower (LoZ)
  151.  Massive Retaliation (Kim Jong Un)
  152.  There Can Only Be One
  153. A (Not) So Merry Christmas Pt. 1
  154. A (Not) So Merry Christmas Pt. 2
  155. Diversity (Avatar:LoK)
  156. Child's Play
  157. Frequent Flier
  158. The Price of Power (Pokemon)
  159. We're Not Good At Political Cartoons (Charlie Hebdo)
  160. The Future is Flat (CES)
  161. A Simple Question (Super Smash Bros.)
  162. Alternative Energy
  163. Waste Not
  164. Let It Go (Fangirl) Pt. 1 (KH)
  165. Let It Go (Fangirl) Pt. 2 (KH)
  166. The Fault In Her Stars
  167.  Time's Toll (LoZ)
  168. Sequelitis
  169.  My Brother's Keeper (Facebook Legacy Contact)
  170.  Still Better Than Vista
  171.  Masks (LoZ)
  172. Mason Jar Use #432
  173. Tenderman
  174. Choices
  175. D&D and D
  176. Band of Bros (FFXV)
  177. The Smartest Watch
  178. Breaking Sad
  179. Beholden
  180. Smells Like Love
  181. Unspeakable Horrors
  182. Spring is in the Air
  183. Fast-Tracked
  184. Egg-cessive (Post-Easter)
  185. The Game of Game of Thrones (GoT Season 5 Leak)
  186. Shame on Demand (Taco Bell)
  187. Shock Value (Mortal Kombat)
  188. It's Dangerous to Go Alone (Slice-of-life)
  189.  Siri, Where Art Thou? (Apple Watch)
  190. The Off Hours (Pokemon)
  191. A Lack of Vision (Avengers)
  192. Nintendo-nomics (Nintendo)
  193. Anime-rican President (...President Obama?)
  194. She Knows Best (Mother's Day/Slice-of-life)
  195. Final Destination 6 (Final Fantasy 6)
  196. Children of the Kale (Slice-of-life) 
  197. Two of a Kind (The Witcher: Wild Hunt)
  198. Cutting Edge Cool (Mad Max: Fury Road)
  199. Cephalapower (Splatoon)
  200. Vampire Squid Kid (Amiibos)
  201. The Wright Sister (Slice-of-life)
  202. Legendary (Part One) (LoZ)
  203. Legendary (Part Two) (LoZ)
  204. A Well-Seasoned Fighter (Super Smash Bros)
  205. Nerdgasm (FF7) 
  206. Re-Makeovers (FF7)
  207. Gratuity (Arkham Knight)
  208. Birds of a Feather (We Are Robin (comic))
  209. How Weather is Made (Pokemon)
  210. Overcompensation (Super Smash Bros)
  211. Familial Resemblance (Star Wars)
  212. The Heart of the Matter (Satoru Iwata Tribute)
  213. An Evidentiary Burden (Pluto Photos))
  214. Top of the Food Chain (Super Smash Bros.)
  215. Not Just Blind (Dem Youtubes Tho) 
  216. Color Me Stupid (Magic: The Gathering)
  217. Impossi-Blessed (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation)
  218. Abs-olutely Essential (Channing Tatum/Gambit)
  219. Show Me What You're Made Of (...a most odd Slice-of-Life)
  220. Life is Strange (and Getting Stranger)
  221. The Silicon Kingdom (Super Mario)
  222. Lingering Issues (Disney/Star Wars)
  223. EZ-Mode (FF7 on iOS)
  224. A Pokeman (Pokken)
  225. Advanced Anatomy (FF7 Remake)
  226. The Unmentionables (...Justice League???)
  227. Codename Ekans (Pokemon + MGS)
  228. Abhorientalism (Totally Awesome Hulk Announcement)
  229. Locally-Sourced (Pokemon Go)
  230. The Fourth D (Apple)
  231. Duplex (Pokken)
  232. Super Siri'al (Smartphones)
  233. How To Eat Ramen (Slice-of-Life, Cultural Tutorial)
  234. Undertaken (Undertale (we <3 this game))
  235. Replican't (Pepper Robot)
  236. GangNOMNOM (Slice-of-Life, Korean Barbecue)
  237. The Subtlest of Metaphors (God Dammit Stephenie Meyer)
  238. Sweet Release (Gamer Salt, Mario Maker and...)
  239. Keepin' It Real (Street Fighter 5)
  240. It Hits the Fan (Slice-of-Life, ...when there is NO NEWS)
  241. Secret Asian Man (Konami-Schmonami, Hideo Kojima)
  242. It Must Flow (Slice-of-Life, Halloween Special 2015)
  243. Rossification (Bob Ross Twitch TV Marathon)
  244. Yokai-Dokai (Yo-Kai Watch US Nintendo Commercial)
  245. There's Something In The Air (Slice-of-Life, Autumn Air)
  246. An Epidemic (Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Legacy of the Void, etc.)
  247. The Main Thing (Overwatch)
  248. It Still Matters (Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros...?)
  249. Trans-Formed (Linkle in Hyrule Warriors)
  250. Gobble-Gobble (Happy Thanksgiving!)
  251. Grizzle (Slice-of-Life, Oh Black Friday)
  252. Panglossed (Slice-of-Life, Holiday Shopping)
  253. The Punch Is A Slash (OC: "Baloney Renshin")
  254. A League Of Their Bone (Undertale vs Rocket League)
  255. Multitaskmaster (Slice-of-Life, Multitasking)
  256. The Nerd Awakens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens!)
  257. The Only Choice (Super Smash Bros. Direct 2015)
  258. Jingle Bones (Happy Undertale Christmas!!!)
  259. 100% True Facts About Cloud In Smash (..title's a bit explanatory ain't it?)
  260. Terminated (New Year's Eve 2015)
  261. Top Tenified (Top Ten Lists...oh gawd)
  262. Undertaco (Undertale...sort of...????)
  263. A Bit Too Smart (Smart Devices & whatnot)
  264. Hoverfloored (...those dumb "Hoverboards")
  265. Final(ly) Fabulous (FF13's Lightning is Louis Vuitton Spokesperson)
  266. Brokken (so Chandelure is in Pokken...?)
  267. TsundeRey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
  268. PokeBowl XX (Pokemon Super Bowl commercial)
  269. Sherlockachu (Great Detective Pikachu)
  270. Catcalled (Neko Atsume)
  271. Gnash Bros (Super Smash Bros.)
  272. Buzzfooled (Phantom Phone Syndrome)
  273. Dark Diversions (Darkest Dungeon)
  274. Perspective Shift (Drone Racing)
  275. Serious Strategy (Fire Emblem: Fates)
  276. Luscious Locks (Street Fighter V)
  277. Future Generations (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  278. Chopstuck (...Slice-of-Life)
  279. Artificially Intelligent (Google Car Crash)
  280. Beware the Ides of March (Slice-of-Life)
  281. Automatically Better (Windows 10 Forced Upgrades)
  282. Farm to Table...And Beyond (...I don't know, oh gawd)
  283. Shink Shink Shink (A Knife-Sharpening Tutorial)
  284. Paradise.exe (Virtual Reality, and what we can expect)
  285. The Bingularity (Windows 10 Mandatory Updates)
  286. Billary (Presidential Campaigning)
  287. Dat Dee Dho (D&D)
  288. Mitonooooooo (Miitomo)
  289. Jalapaiño (Dark Souls 3)
  290. Double Edged (Final Fantasy XV)
  291. Dream Jobs (Bravely Second)
  292. VR2 (Choose your Headset: Rift, or Vive?)
  293. FFD (Slice-of-Life)
  294. Instedibles (Slice-of-Life...?)
  295. Wii-plashed (Star Fox Zero)
  296. Dat Duty (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)
  297. The Other Mother (Slice-of-Life, Kombucha Info-mercial)
  298. Squabbled (Slice-of-Life, Location Location Location)
  299. Brokemon (Pokemon Sun & Moon: Rowlet = BEST STARTER EVER)
  300. Do Weebos Dream of Electric Garbage? (VR for WEEBS)
  301. The Wild Brown Yonder (Slice-of-Life, Bird Physics)
  302. We are DOOMed (DOOM 2016 & then some)
  303. Learning Machine Learning (Learning Machines & Robot Assistants)
  304. A Political Correction (Qiaobi Laundry Detergent Commercial be racist yo)
  305. Not Your Type (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  306. Overbirb (Overwatch)
  307. Kirbotics (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
  308. Get Hyped! (E3 2016)
  309. Brokarina of Time (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  310. Familial Resemblance (Pokemon Sun & Moon and... Donald Trump?)
  311. Chibigami (Death Note w/ a twist?)
  312. Political Savagery (Brexit, Boris Johnson, and WTF is going on?!)
  313. The Tetrix (The Tetris Trilogy is a thing...?)
  314. Muk Bangin' (Twitch enables eating on stream, Mukbang)
  315. What the Puk?! (Ilvermorny and WHY PUKWUDGIE?!)
  316. What Would Gary Oak Do? (Don't Pokémon GO while driving)
  317. Pokemon GOne (Pokémon GO)
  318. Foodtard (Slice-of-Life)
  319. A Pokéculiar Institution (Pokémon Sun & Moon (& more...?))
  320. Browser Royale (Internet Browser Battle Royale?)
  321. Busted (Cybernetics & Slice-of-Life)
  322. Larmarckable (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  323. 3 Nifty Uses for the Taco Bell Cheetos™ Burrito (Slice-of-Life)
  324. Her Cups Overfloweth (2016 Olympics in Rio, "Cupping")
  325. E.S.P. (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  326. Flyaways (Slice-of-Life)
  327. Dietribe (Slice-of-Life)
  328. Sustenance (Slice-of-Life, and Sustainability)
  329. Utterly Repellant (Pokemon and then some...)
  330. Eat, Pray...Cry (Okonomiyaki, Slice-of-Life)
  331. Cushy (PAX West 2016)
  332. USB-V (iPhone 7?)
  333. Spicy (Pumpkin Spice Season?)
  334. Oh Snap! (Pokemon Snap in Sun & Moon?!!??!)
  335. Stickled (Porn in iMessage for iPhone's iOS 10 update)
  336. The Buddy System (Pokemon GO)
  337. Le Gourdon Bleu (Decorative Gourd Season)
  338. Bonus Strip: Presidential Debates 2016
  339. Don't Cry (Super Mario RPG Anniversary and...?)
  340. 100% Dank (Dark Chocolate, so dark...)
  341. Depress-a-tron (Slice-of-Life, and the state of 2016?)
  342. Luminator 5000 (Slice-of-Life, Light Alarm for S.A.D.)
  343. Defreshen (Slice-of-Life, herbs be wilting yo)
  344. Paraditched (Poke Pelago for Sun & Moon)
  345. V-ARRRRGH (the problem w/ VR Headsets)
  346. New Horizons (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and...?)
  347. Deliberated (No more HM Slaves in Pokemon??!?!)
  348. Dumpkin (Halloween 2016)
  349. Soy to the World (Soylent, which is making folks sick)
  350. The Wind Maker (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
  351. Spoilers (Slice-of-Life, and well, Presidential Election 2016 is over)
  352. Unintendo Consequences (Slice-of-life, Nintendo)
  353. Stranger Things (Doctor Strange 2016 Movie)
  354. You Say Hello... (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  355. Danksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving! 2016)
  356. Kukunuts (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  357. Alphabatross (Slice-of-Life)
  358. Lord of the Abyss (Dungeons & Dragons)
  359. Promptography (Final Fantasy XV)
  360. Epony (What-Ifs, Legend of Zelda)
  361. Putinesca (Russia bans FIFA 17)
  362. Patchwork (Square-Enix Patching FFXV)
  363. Reciplz (Slice-of-Life)
  364. Vlogmas 2016 (Merry Christmas 2016!)
  365. KH 225/15 (Final Fantasy XV...ish?)
  366. Resolute (Happy New Year! Also 2016 was rough!)
  367. Broganic (New Years' Resolutions)
  368. Daystreaming (The Life of a Streamer)
  369. The F-Word (Fast & Furious 8, Fate of the Furious, It's all about FAMILY)
  370. Forefeathers (Final Fantasy XV...ish?)
  371. A'ole (Disney's Moana)
  372. Triggered (What are "Triggers"?)
  373. Switched (Nintendo Switch)
  374. Assistard (Digital Assistants like Google, Alexa, etc.)
  375. Can't Eeveen (Pokemon Sun & Moon, Eevee Z-Move)
  376. Command + Ctrl (Window's Mandatory, Crippling Updates)
  377. The Champ (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  378. Free-to-Bae (Fire Emblem: Heroes )
  379. Christendumb (Too many Chrises)
  380. Wearables (Nioh, and...dat cat)
  381. Robusta (ROBOTS TAKIN' OUR JERBS)
  382. Drone Zone (Drones are everywhere, delivering all your cares~)
  383. Horizon: Zero Stars (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
  384. Bait & Switch (Nintendo Switch, Donald Trump and...???)
  385. Wildchild (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  386. A Matter of Perspective (...not even gonna summarize this one)
  387. Innovasion (The TSA warns police regarding their new "search procedures")
  388. Open World, Closed Mind (Horizon: Zero Dawn, LoZ: Breath of the Wild and...?)
  389. Switched Off (The Nintendo Switch)
  390. Optical Delusion (It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...)
  391. Japan Diary: Arrival (Flying to Japan)
  392. Japan Diary: Hard Choices (to eat or not to eat...)
  393. Japan Diary: Hardcore (cosplay...?)
  394. Japan Diary: Wishfool (Meiji shrine, and wish tablets)
  395. Japan Diary: (Kimonos)
  396. Japan Diary: Skytree (The Skytree)
  397. Japan Diary: The Metaforest (Owl Cafes)
  398. Japan Diary: Borbs (Mejiros, and birds of Japan)
  399. Japan Diary: Arto Marto (Art stores in Japan)
  400. Japan Diary: Oh Deer (Nara, aka DEER TOWN)
  401. Japan Diary: Departure (Goodbye Japan)
  402. Look Ma, No Hands! (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)
  403. Ah-Re-Ru-Gi (Slice-of-Life)
  404. Maternal Bonds (Happy Mother's Day!!!)
  405. Bortman (A Batman comic...?)
  406. Summer Fun (Slice-of-Life in Iceland!)
  407. Forced (A Star Wars comic...?)
  408. Overlored (Game of Thrones Spin-offs)
  409. SPF PSA (Summertime Comic!)
  410. Political Compromise (Political...comic?)
  411. The Real Magic (Magikarp Jump)
  412. That's a Rap (Slice-of-Life)
  413. The Let's Player Life Cycle (Them Let's Players)
  414. Artfull (Marvel vs Capcom Infinite)
  415. Gerry (Slice-of-Life...????)
  416. Know Your Role (Slice-of-Life, D&D)
  417. Lord of the Edge (Slice-of-Life, Internet Lore)
  418. Arms to Table (Nintendo's ARMS)
  419. Moment of Truth (Slice-of-Life)
  420. Crouton (Slice-of-Life...?)
  421. Triforced (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  422. Going Dutch (Travel Comic: Amsterdam)
  423. Audioerotic (Slice-of-Life)
  424. The Pokeland Raiders (Pokemon GO Raids!!!!)
  425. Hatter Days (Kirby)
  426. Life Lessons (Final Fantasy 9)
  427. Mommyavelli (Slice-of-Life)
  428. Some Like It Hot (Slice-of-Life, HEATWAVES SUCK DUDE)
  429. Cryptocracy (The FUTURE of cryptocurrencies)
  430. Politically Correct (world leaders & nukes don't mix)
  431. Gotta Snap 'Em All! (Pikachu Festival 2017...and Snapchat Filters)
  432. Multifaceted (Cartoonists & Expressions)
  433. Starry-Eyed (Eclipse 2017)
  434. The Punchline is Death (vol. I)
  435. Jentrified (So Gen-Con...)
  436. Mania (Sonic Mania)
  437. The Treeferrs (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  438. The Fault in His Stars (Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle)
  439. Canarded (Slice-of-Life)
  440. Behind the Scenes (Slice-of-Life, Art Comic)
  441. The X-Factor (The iPhone...X)
  442. Optimized (Dungeons & Dragons)
  443. Journey to the South, Part 1 (Locke takes a trip)
  444. Journey to the South, Part 2 (Locke takes a break)
  445. Journey to the South, Part 3 (Locke looks for Hickarus)
  446. Journey to the South, Part 4 (Locke's journey ends)
  447. Falling Out (Autumn ain't what it used to be)
  448. Twofacedbook (Facebook sucks guys, seriously)
  449. Offensive Language (Weeabo words invading mainstream speech)
  450. Borgy Porgy (Star Wars, and that weirdly cute Porg...)
  451. All Hallowed Weens, Part 1 of 3 (Halloween Special 2017)
  452. All Hallowed Weens, Part 2 of 3 (Halloween Special 2017)
  453. All Hallowed Weens, Part 3 of 3 (Halloween Special 2017)
  454. How to Adult: Coffee Dates (Our "How-to" series)
  455. It's All We Need (Thoughts and Prayers...just, STAWP)
  456. Twitchuals (TwitchCon, and new features appear for Twitch!)
  457. Pokey Monster (Super Mario Odyssey)
  458. B&B (Babysitting, Slice-of-Life)
  459. Uncompromising (Thanksgiving 2017)
  460. The Sub Way (Subscription Services, Meal Kits, and the Future)
  461. Lemonoid (Visiting the heart of Silicon Valley)
  462. Wedding Crasher (Mario Odyssey)
  463. Undesirables (Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp)
  464. Frequent Fliers (FF9, Dragoons and whatnot)
  465. Borrowed Time (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  466. These Aren't the Spoilers You're Looking For (Star Wars: The Last Jedi...ish)
  467. All I Want (Happy Holidays, from the Amazon Echo!)
  468. All I Need (Merry Christmas! Slice-of-Life)
  469. I Am The One Who Locks (Amazon Key, and Smart-locks)
  470. The Alpha and the OMG (Happy New Year 2018!)
  471. Chocaholics Chanonymous (Slice-of-Life?)
  472. Happy-Go-Clucky (The Best Eggs, the Happiest of Chickens)
  473. Duck Sauce (Raw Water and uh, the craze?)
  474. May It Be With You (Luke Skywalker, and those goddamn Porgs)
  475. Arti-Fact (Indiana Jones)
  476. Nintenduality (Nintendo Labo)
  477. The Pace of Progress (God dammit Mark Zuckerberg)
  478. BB-GR8 (BB-8!!!)
  479. They Call Him Flipper (Slice-of-Life, also we're desperate)
  480. Cryptopia, Part 1 of 2 (Slice-of-Life, Cryptocurrencies!)
  481. Cryptopia, Part 2 of 2 (Slice-of-Life, Crytocurrencies!)
  482. Stemming the Tide (Tide Pods + the Government = ???)
  483. Axelotta (2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics)
  484. Keytosis (So Riku's keyblade is a "key"...?)
  485. Rebirthed (Where is Obama really from?)
  486. Working It Out (Working out of office, Slice-of-Life)
  487. How to Mom: Bonding (Mom-related comics...?)
  488. How to Mom: Traveling (Mom-related comics!)
  489. Spoiled (The Internet spoils yet another good thing)
  490. In the Zone (Airports, Airplanes, and Zone Loading)
  491. In a Jam (Celeste)
  492. Care to Share (Kirby: Star Allies)
  493. Keep Calm, Don't Carry On (United Airlines hates dogs...?)
  494. A Meal to Remember (the elves of Divinity: Original Sin 2 are "special")
  495. Good for What Ails You (Slice-of-Life...?)
  496. Fatal Attraction (Slice-of-Life? Surrealism? Who knows~)
  497. More Seas, More Thieves (Sea of Thieves, YARRRR!)
  498. Infinitard (Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War...?)
  499. Poor de France (Bikeshares galore)
  500. I Am Not the Walrus (Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)
  501. Bird-Brained (Super Mario RPG)
  502. Bittersweet Symphony (Slice-of-Life, Cherry Blossoms are fleeting)
  503. Daddy Issues (God of War)
  504. Day of Labos (Nintendo Labo)
  505. Excusez-moi Murder (NON-SPOILERY Avengers: Infinity War)
  506. The Evolution of Language (God of War, Dad of War, Dad of Boy)
  507. Diplomatic Imoonity (Japanese Wagyu Beef)
  508. The Fault in Her Stars v2 (Berds & Nerds reboot, Avengers: Infinity War)
  509. Summer Styling (Slice-of-Life, It's Summertime!)
  510. Pizza of Cake (Slice-of-Life, Dietary Restrictions)
  511.  Beast of Burden (Robo-Dogs!)
  512. Divided We Fall (Oh hey Donald Trump)
  513. GDP-Argh! (GDPR, and Privacy Policies)
  514. Suika (Japanese culture, cube watermelons)
  515. Burned (Barbecue secrets from...)
  516. Freeballin' (Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee)
  517. King Dumb Hearts (Kingdom Hearts 3...?)
  518. Papa Can You Push Me? (Fornite!)
  519. Zuckr (Facebook, and oh Mark Zuckerberg)
  520. It's News to Me (Incredibles 2, Donald Trump, and uh... Immigration)
  521. K For Kapitalism (Starbucks Keurig Plus K-Cups!)
  522. Drink of Choice (Er, Smartcups?)
  523. Not Very Kawaii (Hito Atsume)
  524. Burners (Smartphones & Batteries)
  525. Recommandatory (Why is Drake everywhere?!?)
  526. Quantum Limit (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  527. Beyond the Paleo (So bread is Paleo...?)
  528. Monopath Traveler (Octopath Traveler)
  529. Harry Potter and the Twenty-Sided Die (Harry Potter Crack)
  530. Psychopath Traveler (Octopath Traveler)
  531. LOL So Evil (D&D, Chaotic Evil Alignment)
  532. Footboy (God of War, Dad of Boi)
  533. Pestilence (Hallow Knight)
  534. Waacula (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)