Super Defective


Writer's note:

If it means anything to Bulbasaur fans, I did choose him as my initial starter, way back in those ancient elementary school years. I had no problems with him and was pretty satisfied with my choice as he effortlessly demolished those first few gyms, doing my best to overlook the fact that every time he evolved he grew larger, slightly more gross, with those odd warts popping out of his alien green flesh. But that being said, when I saw my rival throw out Charizard in the final championship battle, in the moment before that SOB one-hit-KO'd my Venasaur with a critical-hit flamethrower, I couldn't help but think, "Damn, that's pretty fucking baller".

- Sozo


Artist's note: 

When I first played Pokemon, I chose Squirtle as my starter. When he evolved to his final stage of Blastoise... well, I just wanted to give him a leather jacket. Rough and tough! And when I had to face my rival... er, Venusaur was freaking scary. Seriously. I was a little girl playing this game, and I'm faced with this monstrous creature.  

Yeah, uh, it didn't end well.  

- Sarah Yoshi