The Future is French


Writer's note: 

Sarah and I have been somewhat obsessed with the artwork for Ubisoft's "Child of Light". If you haven't seen the trailer for it yet, please check it out:

Man that shit is gorgeous. To be honest I don't bear any ill-will towards the artistic designers slaving away at the Square-Enix compound, but I can't help but wonder if their sole direction in character design is cosplay-ability and fan-service. When I see games like Child of Light I'm reminded that good art can serve and enhance a game's storytelling mechanic. Squaresoft knew this quite well back in the day. Maybe this time around the French will be the ones to remind them.   

 - Sozo


Artist's note: 

Sozo ain't kidding when he says we're obsessed. 

I don't know how many times I've watched that trailer. I am in love  with the potential of this game. It looks like something I'd play with someone else, or by myself, or whatever - I just wanna play it. It's a delight on the eyes and hopefully provides a journey that I'd enjoy partaking.

As for Square-Enix... well, I don't know. As an artist I adore a lot of their stuff. I loved their JRPGs when I was younger, and now... well, I just want to love them. It may have to do with the excess of belts, ribbons, and accessories. I don't know, it just looks good right? Oh well, it's not my cup of tea anymore. Come hither Child of Light! 

- Sarah Yoshi

Posted on September 29, 2013 .