Patience is a Virtue

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Writer's Note: 

Quick disclaimer: the "ice cream is dead" line is a riff on Patton Oswalt's wonderful Cheetos joke. The guy is incredible.  

I've enjoyed watching the entertainment industry shift towards an À la carte model – a world where content can be enjoyed whenever you want it (and ideally in whatever format you want it in). This shift has in turn been accompanied by fascinating developments in culture: "marathoning" a TV series has become increasingly commonplace; similarly our sensitivity to "spoilers" has developed into a new social norm – a natural response to the increasingly fragmented time schedules in which we each consume content. 

This of course does not mean that the habit of weekly scheduled content viewing will disappear entirely (consider weekly webcomic update schedules, for example), but we can expect to see more weird and strange customs arise as consumers face more choices for more content within the same limited quantity of time.    

- Sozo


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Artist Note:

So glad I finished this comic in the nick of time. So freakin' happy. That's all I got to say. 

- Sarah Yoshi

Posted on November 4, 2013 .