The Nerd Awakens

Artist's Note:

I have a few friends who are camping out, and more that'll be lined up for the first release. As for myself, well, I can't exactly stay up super late anymore. My drawing injuries flare up when I don't get enough rest. Even if I tried, but it's just not manageable for my workaholic schedule.

But I can't wait to watch this movie! I haven't watched any trailers, and I haven't allowed myself to read too far into content related to it. I'm really looking forward to it, for sure!


Writer's Note:

Sarah did a bang-up job with the art in today's strip, but I kinda let things slide with my writing. The lines were excessively wordy, and the shout-line punch in the last panel was really forced (and doesn't actually make much sense when you think about it - thankfully the art helps sell it). 

Some of this was just laziness - this joke was the first one I could think of relating to the upcoming Star Wars movie, but I'll try to be more economical in the future. -_-