The Only Choice

Artist's Note:

Longest. Strip. Ever.

Writer's Note:

This is by far the longest comic we have ever made. Major kudos to Sarah (and her poor computer) getting it done. 

Despite the joke in the comic, I actually have no problem with Bayonetta in Smash - she looks to be a great character, and maybe finally someone to counter Sheik. Corrin (aka "Corrn") I have no opinion, even from what they showed in the video, but we'll see come February. I'm already pretty happy with the 3rd party characters (Ryu and Cloud) that they've brought into the game.

That being said, while the Bayonetta announcement was fine, what really irritated Sarah and I more was when Nintendo played the Forest Maze song from Super Mario RPG during the Smash Direct event, implying that Geno or Mallow might be a new character, only to reveal it was just another Mii costume. Sarah kind of loves both of those characters (as do I), so that felt pretty harsh, though I have to give Nintendo some credit for that level of trolling.  

Posted on December 21, 2015 and filed under Neeeeeeeeerd Stuffs~, Video Games.