Artist's Note:

I'm not surprised by the results. Every human being I know did not want this to happen. But this reveals a lot about our country, especially so when we do grant such loud, angry voices a platform to express them. And they wanted Trump to lead.

I mean the running joke throughout this campaign was "Trump is the President we deserve," and hey we got him. So I guess we'll be making lots of comics related to this Presidency...? Who knows? 

But as of this moment, I think I will go and download Owlboy, play it, and allow the repercussions of our country voting Trump into office sink in. Or maybe Undertale. Yanno what, Undertale sounds good. I did forget to do one thing in that game, so I'll definitely use this as an excuse.


Writer's Note:

See you in 2020 folks!

....or not. In spite of today's joke, the best response to this election would be to accept the facts as they are, turn off social media, and carry on with your day.

Also, there's a buttload of great video games coming out this season. If you want to escape from reality for a bit, the world's your oyster.